Fannie is in her new home in a Private Collection of an Izannah Lover  
  in Wisconsin


The Christmas Angels were for my sisters and nieces - the tableleg angels and birdhouses were for Christmas gifts. 

this was a commission piece for a customer who wanted a doll that was inspired by one of her employees, Char

A Christmas Queen and new Dress and Name for a Little Izzy

this is my Christmas Queen all Red and Gold and White and ready for the Holidays, wish I was,

and my Little Iz has a new name and a new Christmas Dress of Brown velvet and Lace, her name is Hope.

Queen Anne and a little Iz

The Queen Anne is a birthday present for my sister Judie, hope she likes her,

the Little Izzy is for a collector and she is wearing the first of two dresses, this is her summer frock.

Rosie the Riveter my MAIDA Nothing New Challenge Doll

Maida Doll Group - Making Antique Inspired Dolls and Accessories Nothing New Challenge Doll,
All cloth - all repurposed materials..  She was so much fun to make and it had been forever since I made an all cloth doll - this was a fun, fun challenge.


Here are a few more Halloween creations I did this year,  a collecter in Minnesota - bought three of my Halloween items - Thank you Krista - not only is she a collector but she operates an Artist Gallery, I so appreciate her Patronage.


Juse wanted to add a few photos of my latest works, I have been very busy but been able to find some time to do some fun Halloween projects.  Above is  another set of Izannah sisters that have gone to a collector in Illinois - Mavis and Mercy were so fun to make - my first with bare feet - which I thought were going to be a breeze, wrong, but they turned out okay, their dresses are wonderful fall inspired prints - I was so very happy how they turned out. They are very pretty and serene girls.

Opal a Black and White Halloween Witch

Opal is Sold and has joined the Collection of a Doll Maker and Collector in Colorado


One of my favorite times of year and here are a few characters that I made to help celebrate,

Farley the Punkin Head  - Black Dahlia the Wonderous Witch and Freaky Freddy Frolic  the Pumpkin Dancing Fool

Julia my Redone Queen Anne

I did Julia a  couple of months back and really did not like her costume so I just redid her and I must say she is soo much happier in clothing that more reflect her sweet and gentle nature.

Honor waiting for her groom

Back in June I made an Izannah inspired Bride - Honor who went to a private collection in New Jersey,
Barbara, Honor's owner felt that she was missing something and had me make her a groom.  He was a blast to make and I was able to give him all the attributes that insures that he will be a good husband.  I hope that they have a long happy union.

Bella Donna

Bella Donna my Steampunk Witch is now on Ebay - looking for a good home.

she was soo much fun to make.

Mimi and Louise

These sweet girls are on Ebay right now - looking for a good home, they want to stay together

They are sisters and I named them after two of my favorite aunts. If you know me you might ask why not name them after some of your own sisters - I mean there is Bonnie, Judie and Jill - well I am just not good enough yet in my dollmaking to honor those incredible women.


My sweet Pumpkin Headed Doll - she was so much fun to make and design - and she has such a wonderful character - I know that may seem strange but as I make my dolls I kind of get to know them more and more as they evolve.  I have always been a bit fearful of creating a Chucky - Yikes.

Anyway here is Liv the pumpkin head:


I dropped my peasant angel Ysabel at the post office this morning, she is going to a new owner in Maryland,
which is good - Ysabel loves blue crabs cooked in Old Bay Seasoning, but as she has watched over me for a couple of weeks - I will miss her. 

I think I need to do another angel - I liked have an angel watch over me.

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